Quick and unlimited access to information is one of the key factors determining the success of a company.


Thanks to iBard24 the location doesn't matter anymore and your files are with you wherever you are. All you need is access to the Internet.


A computer, smartphone, or a tablet with iBard24 service - this is the full mobility your company needs. 






Enjoy your 24/7 access to files


Thanks to multi-channel access to files (computer, smartphone, tablet), it is possible to work constantly on many devices, any time and around the clock from almost every place on Earth. The only thing you need is access to the Internet.

View of files in iBard24 account on different devices




Automatic backup from your mobile device


iBard24 for Android allows for complex backup of a mobile device's contents. The service enables creation of a backup copy of the entire content of device, that is, MMS/SMS Inbox, Calendars, Multimedia Files, Device Settings, and even APN. 


In practice, this functionality provides us with possibility of recovering the entire content of a mobile device, e.g., after the change or failure of the equipment.


View of component configuration and backup settings 





Share files from mobile devices easily


Share your resources directly from a mobile device. Users of mobile applications for all platforms supported by iBard24 (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) can share their files both to other service users and on the Internet by means of generating a simple link.

Sharing files by using the mobile application





Synchronize data


When working alternatively on many devices, such as a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet, a problem of exchanging data between them arises. In the ideal model, the data should be fluently transferred between these devices without unnecessary user's interference. 


Such solution is offered by iBard24 by providing a possibility of synchronizing data between many devices a user is working on. Moreover, this synchronization can also be performed between many co-workers, thus allowing for current exchange of data between users and their devices.


Upon iBard24 application is installed on your computer, a special folder called iBard24 Sync is created, along with the shortcut available on the desktop and in "Favorites" group in "My Computer" (in case of Windows Vista and Windows 7).


Contents of the folder are automatically uploaded to your virtual disk and other computers on which you use iBard24. Analogical folder is also displayed on mobile devices and in the website panel.




 View of iBard24 Sync folder in Windows 8.1

praca na telefonie

View of iBard24 Sync folder
on a mobile device




View of iBard24 Sync folder in a web browser