Intuitiveness and Automation

When running a business activity, it is advisable to focus on the most important issues while leaving the less important a little bit aside.


Save backup copies of valuable data are among the highest priorities for each company, but thanks to the fully automated iBard24 service, these copies will be created automatically without the need of launching them manually.






Set and Forget"


Installation and configuration of iBard24 application is simple, quick, and intuitive and with the use of specially prepared wizards, it is very easy to create the first backup copy and select backup schedule.


Thanks to automatic creation of a backup copy, you don't have to remember about everyday backup - the process is carried out in the background, on the basis of determined dates.


You only need to define which data is to be backed-up, how frequently and on which time of day and iBard24 will take care of your data security by creating its backup copy completely automatically. 


automatyczna kopia zapasowa



Backup while you work


You no longer need to stop your work to make a backup of data!


iBard24 service is equipped with VSS mechanism (Volume Shadow Copy Service), which allows for creating of backup copies of open files even when working on them.


Always the most recent version without necessity of disabling files you are currently working on. 


backup otwartych plików




Receive e-mail/sms notification


To be 100% sure of the current backup copy of your valuable files, define e-mail or sms notification which will send the confirmation upon creating the backup that the process has been executed according to the schedule you specified. 





Easy-to-use application


An application which is easy, intuitive, not requiring expert IT or technical knowledge, and is additionally equipped with wizards, helps the user in few steps to go through the process of creating backup copies of files and defining a backup task. 


backup online