Cloud collaboration

Nowadays, exchange of information is one of the key elements of successful cooperation, especially if it is of business nature.


The issue regarding fast and easy exchange of files between co-workers are so important, because it allows for saving the time and thus, saving the money.


Cooperation in the cloud with iBard24 is the key to your success.




Share files with other users


Share selected files to other service users in an easy way. Sharing of particular resources to any number of co-workers together with assigning them permissions to "Read" or "Read and Write" (full modification) allows for reducing the time required for exchange of information and thus increases the effectiveness of team work.


współdzielenie plików




Work in a team on company files


Exchange data with your co-workers easily and work in a team on files almost in a real time.


Fast and easy exchange of documents between subsidiaries, defining of groups and permissions, as well as possibility of dividing the main account among many users are only some of the opportunities provided by iBard24 which can be applied in the team work within a company.


współpraca grupowa




Share data on the Internet


When working with customers through electronic channels, there is often a need for exchange of documents. Thanks to possibility of fast and easy generating of a link to a file and, optionally, securing it with a password, a user can easily share the file externally and has a great alternative to large attachments in e-mail messages.


Moreover, it is possible to determine the time range for file visibility on the Internet by specifying an exact date from which the file is to be shared and, by registering number of this file downloads, we know how often it has been downloaded.


jak wysłać duży plik