Business features

 iBard24 is a service created and still improved for business Customers who are aware what a risk it is to lose valuable data which has been accumulated throughout the years and is used in a company on a daily basis.


A range of functionalities specially adjusted to running of a business activity cause that solutions offered by iBard24 work well every day for many Customers throughout Poland.






Safe copy of your files and databases in the cloud 


Storing of files in the cloud is the best way to properly secure it. Systematic creation of backup copies of the most important files allows for minimizing the risk of losing valuable information.


Backup of data is performed automatically according to a defined schedule, without human involvement. In case a failure of devices on which the data is stored occurs, it is possible to quickly recover the data from virtual servers.


It is an insurance guaranteeing stability of functioning and continuity of work.


automatyczny backup baz danych






Access to data from all your devices


Enjoy multi-channel access to files thanks to synchronization of data between many devices.


In such conditions, we can have access to valuable files virtually from any place on Earth and the only factor determining this possibility is access to the Internet.





You decide on your own who has access to company files


One main account, many users. Share your virtual disk space among particular co-workers, define groups and assign them permissions.


Possibility of sharing selected data to individual users allows for assigning them particular permissions concerning reading or/and modifying a file


zarządzanie grupami






Versioning of documents in the cloud


Usually, upon erroneous modification of a file, it is not possible to restore its previous versions. In practice, it entails a necessity of introducing a number of time-consuming fixes and even starting the work all over again.


However, an iBard24 User has access to as much as 20 previous versions of files and is able to recover each one of them. Random and reckless changes are no longer a reason to start the work again!


wersjonowanie dokumentów w chmurze




Inbox backup


The e-mail archive is one of the most precious resources of each enterprise. History of conversations, e-mail addresses of Customers and their contact data are only few pieces of priceless information sent via e-mail and it must certainly be properly secured.


iBard24 allows for defining of an automatic backup process of the Inbox, thanks to which the service will create e-mail backup copies automatically, thus providing them additional security.


backup skrzynki pocztowej






Alternative to FTP


iBard24 allows for abandoning the company FTP which require configuration, maintenance, current control of accesses and inconvenient practice of assigning permissions, and replacing them with a simple and fast sharing of documents and other, even very large files, from the virtual disk to Customers.


Another advantage of this solution is the photo gallery which, thanks to an attractive form of presentation, allows previewing and browsing of files uploaded to iBard24 virtual disk.







Searching of files


Manage and search desired resources in an easy manner. iBard24 service is equipped with a functional search engine for files, which is often an irreplaceable tool allowing for quick localization of the data being searched.


serwer plików wyszukiwarka







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For the smooth and proper functioning of iBard24 application on a user's computer, we provided possibility of setting the Proxy. Therefore, connecting and sending of data to iBard24 servers will be correctly performed, even in case it is necessary to use Proxy server within the corporate network.


backup plików - ustawienia proxy






Supporting CIFS / SAMBA and FTP protocols


Backup of CIFS / Samba and FTP network resources allows for creation of file backup copies directly from the servers with the use of the above-mentioned protocols, without the need of previous saving of files on a computer.