iBard24 is a disk space separated especially for your company where you can safely store your data.

The service tested by thousands of Customers protects you from the risk of losing the data, whereas automatic archiving of files from company management programs, computers and smartphones of your employees keeps you appeased and guarantees your files will be recovered in case of emergency.

Business Features

Safe copy of your files and databases in the cloud
Backup the most crucial information of your company regularly. A database that is once lost often cannot be recovered.

Access to data from all your devices
Manage your data through a computer and mobile devices.

You decide on your own who has access to company files
Assign any disk space to your co-workers within your account by granting them individual permissions to read and write.

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Funkcje biznesowe


Współpraca w chmurze

Cloud Collaboration

Share your files with other users
Share your files to your co-workers, create groups, and assign them individual permissions.

Work in a team on company files
Joint projects will no longer be tiring thanks to possibility of editing one file by a group.

Share data on the Internet
No more large attachments - generate a simple link and send it via e-mail.

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Encrypted connection
Safe connection and sending of data thanks to encrypting with SSl-128 bit Protocol. The same standards are used in online banking.

Local encryption of data
Generate an encryption key and provide additional protection from readout to your company files. Such key guarantees that only you have access to the encrypted files.

Data stored in the European Union
All iBard24 servers are located in the European Union.

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Enjoy your 24/7 access to files
Manage your data anytime and wherever you want; all you need is access to the Internet.

Automatic backup from your mobile device
Create a backup copy of data from your tablet or smartphone and don't worry about your business contacts and pictures.

Share files from mobile devices easily
Generate a link and send documents to Customers wherever you are.

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Intuitiveness and Automation

"Set and Forget"
Define a backup task and backup copies of your files will be created automatically.

Backup while you work
Work freely on any files because iBard24 will create their copies even if they are open.

Receive e-mail/sms notifications
Set and receive notifications about status of the created backup and be sure your data is safe.

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Intuicyjność i automatyzacja